»Additional Travellers for Spring Tour [Posted on Thursday September 29, 2016] 2 people could be available for an "Italy in 10 days" tour of 10 days in spring 2017, from Milan to Rome or viceversa, with no additional special requests, only 2 more passengers needed. Jump in!  »Carnival in Venice [Posted on Thursday September 29, 2016] Time to book for the next Venice Carnival, enjoy the magic of the city in mask and tour the other splendid cities of the Veneto Region!  »Trekking  [Posted on Thursday September 29, 2016] Discover some of the most beautiful natural sceneries of Italy with our experienced Trekking Tour Guides! Ask for complete tours or for excursions!  »Travelling on your own [Posted on Thursday September 29, 2016] You want to move on your own but want us to organize your tour? We can set up the tour of your wishes, ask for a self driving tour and let us know what we should book for you!  

Melt into it!

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At VITOR we want you to experience the heart and soul of Italy, by living as an Italian for the time of your tour. We want you to be able to understand it deeply, as well as fell the spirit of its people. Take an espresso in a bar, dine in a little restaurant, shop in local bottegas, admire a well-known masterpiece in a famous city or walk into a small church at the discovery of a hidden treasure. That’s Italy, just relax and take it easy.


Everybody dreams about Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan. But Italy is much, much more! Discover the true essence of its beauty on the way from town to town, stopping by in little cities, taking scenic routes, eating in local trattorias or just visiting an ancient site around the corner. 

You will visit locations which are not accessible to large groups, living art, culture, food in a unique way and making your journey an out-of-the-ordinary experience.


Italians take it easy, that's the spirit of the country. So, when we design a tour we like to set a relaxed pace, after all it is a holiday so no long drives and no early starts. We always build in plenty of free time to ensure that you have the chance to see things for yourself and socialize with local people. Stroll in squares, take a coffee, stop by for views, buy your own prosciutto and cheese and eat it in the countryside, this is all part of your Italian experience.


Italy is beautiful 365 days a year, even when the weather is not perfect. Undoubtedly summer months are the best time to visit Italy, due to the warmer climate. July and August are the 'peak' months when most of the country is on holiday and you might find more popular areas particularly busy. If you prefer to travel away from the crowds, May and June as well as September and October can be more pleasant. Winter months are great alternatives to experience Italy’s festive seasons, November and December being the best winter months to travel and catch Christmas Markets and the best sales!


We are 60 million people in a narrow space (take the mountains out), so it can happen that once in a while you’ll stumble upon a crowd. That’s Italy, especially in more popular locations. Also, you can find yourself in city centers where people gather for the sake of spending some time in open air, meeting with friends or shopping. But on the way you’ll find plenty of places where peace is assured, in churches or monasteries, along country routes and paths, in hidden museums or even on the shores of a lake.