»Additional Travellers for Spring Tour [Posted on Thursday September 29, 2016] 2 people could be available for an "Italy in 10 days" tour of 10 days in spring 2017, from Milan to Rome or viceversa, with no additional special requests, only 2 more passengers needed. Jump in!  »Carnival in Venice [Posted on Thursday September 29, 2016] Time to book for the next Venice Carnival, enjoy the magic of the city in mask and tour the other splendid cities of the Veneto Region!  »Trekking  [Posted on Thursday September 29, 2016] Discover some of the most beautiful natural sceneries of Italy with our experienced Trekking Tour Guides! Ask for complete tours or for excursions!  »Travelling on your own [Posted on Thursday September 29, 2016] You want to move on your own but want us to organize your tour? We can set up the tour of your wishes, ask for a self driving tour and let us know what we should book for you!  

How we travel

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We like to think that our tours are made of friends who do not just travel but share an Italian experience.

Our philosophy allows for a much more flexible, relaxed and personalised way of touring. It means we can take you to the smallest town squares, along hedge rimmed country lanes and inside tiny villages full of stories and character, where you just wouldn’t be able to go on a traditional coach tour. It means we are very flexible, that is we can add whatever experience and location on the way, and we can stop wherever we want for a scenic view or to meet locals or even visit special spots. Being a limited group of people, we will also be able to dine in fine small restaurants, or sip a cappuccino while seated in a central piazza, or even enjoy an “aperitivo” before dinner in an open bar.


We like to travel mainly along scenic routes wherever possible, to enjoy the landscape and turn to little spots away from the crowd that make our journey different. Moreover, Italy features many “Strade del Vino e dell’Olio”, i.e. Olive Oil and Wine Routes, and driving on them you’ll come to know the local territory and people.


No fixed time for leaving from and arriving to hotels, no coaches and restaurants booked, no need to hurry. Our relaxed pace ensures that you have plenty of time to explore and socialize. A typical day's driving would be anywhere between 100 and 150 Km; we take our time without rushing from place to place and we make stops on the way so drives are not too long. Every tour is carefully planned so that you have time for rest and relaxation – especially on longer tours.

Your Tour Leader will advise about the itinerary and plan activities as scheduled, however from time to time he could suggest to deviate momentarily from the itinerary for a stop in a place you don't want to miss. Don't worry, everything will fit in and you will check in on the planned time. 


Insuring the maximum comfort is always our top priority. Whether we travel in 9 seater minivans or in 18 seater minibuses, our vehicles always grant you enough room inside, with luggage storage in the rear compartment. They feature air conditioning and forced air ventilation, and all seats have seatbelts (you will be asked to wear them) and are forward facing.


We are committed to sustainable travel and we constantly work to promote local businesses. We endeavour to work with suppliers, including attractions and accommodation providers, who have a similar environmental attitude. When developing our tour itineraries we do our best in devising a balance between well known sites, attractions and villages off the tourist trail. This spreads the benefits of tourism to more remote communities which will overall benefit the region.