The VITOR way: you live Italy as Italians, in full comfort and safety

We can let your dream come true, in the fastest time ever, because we are Italians based in Italy.

Our mission is to let you experience the true heart and soul of Italy, providing you with a unique, highly customised Italian experience. We will be your travelling companions, for a tour you will never forget.

We design tours better than others because we live here

Italy is a marvelous land because it is so diverse in all its manifestations across the country: different areas mean different cultures, different food, different dialects, different landscapes.

We will introduce you to this variety with the passion that moves us when we travel in our own country.

Understand Italy in deep with our

Italians are welcoming and friendly, and they put their heart and soul in everything they do. So visit Italy with us “on the road”, along its many routes, among its people, looking for the very traditions and culture that make Italy a special place in the world. We want you to “understand” Italy, and every day we put our best efforts in providing you with the best Italian experiences.




At VITOR we are so in love with Italy. Simple, because we are Italians. And we want to share this love with people from all countries.

That’s why our goal is to make an Italian out of you.

With you, we will share our art and culture, our food and wine, our charming accommodations, our beautiful objects, our everyday life, even our language.

We will not travel as tourists, we will live the country among its people, who will welcome you as an Italian.

We will live “the Italian way”, savouring our “art of living”, because that’s what makes Italy a unique country in the world.

Join us for a wonderful experience you’ll never forget, Italy.




Marcello Cordovani, Founder


This is Italy with Italians and among Italians, this is the VITOR way. We are waiting for you, to help you live a memorable time in your life in a wonderful land, Italy!


  • Hello Marcello,

    We’re just so very pleased with all that you, Cristina and Barbara have done for us! It made our Italian dream trip come true. So perhaps reading our attached comments, they may provide you as a businessman with some ideas about what really worked well for us, as well as some areas that could be even better.

    Overall, all that you have done for us has significantly exceeded our expectations in so many different ways. You not only did a great job, but you made it personal and that counts huge with us. So we are very happy to be a reference for any future clients that you think may benefit from hearing a first-hand glowing testimonial. It would be our honor to do so.

    Two very happy Vitor tourists... Ciao!

    Kathy & Russ


  • The greatest decision my husband and I made was having Vitor plan our 6 week trip to Italy. We are merchants and comfortable on our own; however Vitor made our trip to Italy " tailor made" for what we like and do it our way without all the work.

    Their choice of location for all hotels perfect, our transportation of train and private drivers done to perfection, the itinerary Vitor planned much better than the one we originally planned ourselves.

    Vitor made our trip to Italy a dream come true. We will continue to use Vitor for all future trips to Italy, they are our Italian Guardian Angels allowing us to have a true vacation without doing all the work.

    We recommend Vitor to anyone seeking a perfect vacation.



  • Private italy tour - Venice - Ponte dei sospiri - Bridge of sighs

    Hi, Marcello,

    Just hope to let you know that we finally got home safe and sound! It was a good trip and Lulu finished reading her Pinocchio book on the flight! Sinati fell into sleep when we got home but Lulu is still very excited and she is working on paining the masks now :-)

    Thanks again for a wonderful trip!

    Will send you some pictures once we get organized tomorrow!


    Si & Haijin


  • Mr. Cordovani,

    Thank you for putting together a wonderful tour for us.

    All of your personnel were great. Our driver, Alessandra, was always on time or early, pleasant and professional, and a good driver. He was not very talkative, but that was OK, as we soon had our guides. Stefania was a delight – outgoing, informative, attentive to our moods and preferences, and helpful in all things, big and small. My wife got along especially well with her. Manuela was also an excellent guide in Verona, with not only the usual tour information, but also lots of local knowledge, and she was well versed in her Shakespeare knowledge.

    The hotels were all very good. Before the tour, when I received the booking confirmations, I looked each one up on the internet and was not very impressed. But, when we arrived at each one, I quickly changed my opinion. I found them all to be lovely – well located, clean, comfortable, and well run. (I decided that the hotels need to hire better photographers and website managers, as their websites do not do them justice.)

    We liked Lake Maggiore a lot. The Borromeo islands were wonderful.

    Heidi & Charles - USA

  • Vitor team, a quick note to say thank you! Pietra and each of our daily tour guides were outstanding. On short notice you planned an amazing experience for my family. Thank you so much. We will definitely call you sooner before we return to Italy. You are wonderful!!




  • Marcello,

    First off, WOW!! What an amazing experience it was to explore your country! I truly enjoyed ever but of it. And this goes without saying but, You are great at what you do. Every day worked out wonderfully and you the itinerary you created for me could not have been more perfect. Thank you for all your hard work!

    Also I would like to thank you and your beautiful family once again for inviting me to your home, it was the highlight of Italy!

    I have indeed made it home safe and sound. I look forward to visiting Italy sometime in the future, perhaps with my whole family!


    Dallas - USA

  • Hi Guys;

    We made it home safely on Saturday without any glitches! Sorry it’s taken so long to respond but so many things to catch up on at home.

    Vitor made it possible for us to have a safe and enjoyable adventure in Italy with all your experts at each location. Your guides are full of knowledge, passion and information and are willing to help with any detail. As you know the most memorable event for me was making contact with my family that we would never have known or made possible without your Company and colleagues and expertise. It was above anything we expected!

    This trip was a once in a lifetime and will hold many memories for the years to come! I commend you and your staff in catering to all our needs, your hospitality and the stress free environment of no worries while in Italy.

    Please keep in touch,

    Best Regards


    Cynthia and Gary


  • My first trip to Italy was handled with such care and insight.

    Cristina's recommendations were spot on! The hotels she chose were outstanding and at exactly the price range we had budgeted.

    We took the vineyard tour she suggested and were blown away by the tour and wine! The time in Tuscany was beyond our expectations, complete with hiking, a cheese making tour and delicious restaurants!

    Oh and Cinque Terre!!! Our hotel was right on the water with the most interesting host!

    We will return to Italy and with Cristina's help and expertise, it will be as amazing as our 2018 trip!

    Ann & Sten


  • Hi Marcello.

    Thanks again for organizing the tour with Deborah. It was fantastic. I got to see a lot and still had some time to shop and wander around Milan. What a beautiful city.



  • Hello Marcello,
    Thank you so much for making our trip enjoyable and comfortable. My mom and I really enjoy the time in Puglia. I loved the wine tasting and olive oil factory the most. Our driver, Francesco was very flexible to adjust our trip based on our wishes. Christina was always calling and checking on us to make sure we are safe and having good time. Thank you also for the beautiful scarf and my mom really loved it.

    Thank you very much,



  • Dear Marcello,

    Thank you for arranging a wonderful tour experience for me and my family.

    As spoken when we met, we chose your company because it was the only choice that came up with the google search for private tours in Italy.

    The dedication and expertise of the tour guides, and the choice of accommodation, were areas that exceeded our expectations.

    Thank you.





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