1. All you can imagine, and more

We can let your dream come true, in the fastest time ever, because we are based in Italy.

Almost all Tour Operators rely on Italian correspondents when they design custom tours, we do not. We know precisely how to build the perfect experience because we are Italians, we are based in Italy and we monitor the country on a daily basis; we do not need to rely on third parties, because we fully design, organise, manage and control the tours.

We distinguish ourselves from the big tour companies because we only offer what we deeply know and love: our Country, Italy. Playing at home, we can meet any request because we know whom to involve, people and service providers who share the same travel philosophy and quality standards, and want to make your time a memorable one.

Being local means also that we can be pro-active, because we know what’s going on in the country and can propose you alternatives that a foreign Tour Operator doesn’t even know about.

2. A perfect mix

It’s up to you to indicate what aspects you are most interested in; we will design the perfect tour for you, with a focus on your interests. You are our guests, and we want to make your tour unforgettable.

In our tours you may include a mix of all the different elements that make Italy the perfect destination: culture, art, food and wine, traditional crafts, events, sports. Plenty of opportunities exist also for “theme” tours, like history tours (Romans, Middle Ages, Reinassance, etc.), nature tours (the Alps, the Dolomites, lakes and rivieras), art tours (Roman, Gothic, Baroque, etc.), or food and wine tours (Chianti, Montalcino, Barolo just to name a few).

Everything will fit in, with a perfect blend of time and space, to insure that you take the best out of your vacation. This is something only a Tour Operator based in Italy can guarantee.

3. Planning

One of the secrets of a successful holiday is planning. So let’s plan your trip together, down to the last detail. That’s why we offer full customer service and support from the very moment you first contact us!

Contact us via email, telephone or SKYPE, from that very moment we will set up a direct link between you and our travel managers, willing to understand your specific needs so that we can help you realize your dream vacation in Italy.

No matter how many times you ask for a revision before the start, you have the right to make your trip memorable. So we are always available to respond to any question you may have, in real time; it surely saves you time, and sometimes money.

And on the road, you can change your schedule whenever you want or need (imagine a visit in the open with a weather forecast of heavy rain, how could you change?), because our Back Office is always beside you for any change and, in case your tour includes a Tour Leader, he is thoroughly autonomous.

4. Understand Italy in depth with Italians

Wouldn’t it be good if you had a friend to rely on while travelling to a country, allowing you to understand it and live it as a local? That’s what we are, for any tour, either you travel with a Tour Leader or on your own. We take you around Italy with the enthusiasm of friends and the dedication arising from a deep love of its past and present.

If you choose to be led by a Tour Leader, he will travel with you as a Travel mate, and you will be able to see Italy through the eyes of your “Italian” friend. He will offer you the most interesting insights into local history, culture and customs, for a deeper understanding and knowledge of all the various but equally fascinating local cultures; also, he will give you plenty of information on how the country works, its recent history, politics and economy.

On the other hand, if you travel on your own we will provide you with all the insights and suggestions that only locals know, about food, history, art, craftmanship, so that you can enjoy the country in all its facets, thus living an out-of-the-ordinary experience.

All in all, we will your travelling companions, for a tour you will never forget.

5. Mix with locals, taste the Italian way of life

We established VITOR with one thing in mind: experience the real Italy, and have an awesome time along the way. We want you to experience the heart and soul fo Italy, by living as an Italian for the time of your tour.

So, do as Italians do, that's the best way to taste the special feeling of our country. Take an espresso in a bar at any time of the day, dine in little restaurants, osterie and trattorie, where locals eat, or even on the road, at the discovery of flavours and tastes you couldn't even imagine; walk around at the discovery of hidden corners of cities and villages, while shopping at local bottegas, and enjoy local traditions at “sagra” and local festivals.

This is Italy with Italians and among Italians, this is the VITOR way.

6. No Intermediaries, no filters, value for money

You will have a direct relationship with us, meaning no waste of time in designing the tour and no extra costs “in the middle”.

TOs deal with local correspondents, who charge their intermediation for the organization of services locally. With us, you deal with the prime organizer of services, as we operate all our tours. You book with us, you travel with us, so our price is lower.

Also, even if you have decided at the last moment you want to travel, organizing a trip is still possible because we can supply you with an instant answer on availability of accommodations and services, and we can set up a tour in no time.