A remarkable dream-come-true in Rome

Dear friends:

Let me tell you a short story about a remarkable dream-come-true in Rome:
It starts with a little girl of European immigrants, orphaned at age 3 in Erie, Pa. Little Theresa was taken in by her older sister, of meager means who was the mother of three children of her own. Unfortunately, Theresa was separated from her other siblings and had to learned to fend for herself at this early age. As a young girl, she developed a strong faith in God and she had the desire to become a nun. But due to intense financial issues in the home, she had to quit middle school and go to work. As time passed, she soon found herself a single mother of three children of her own and abandoned by her husband. Although she was only able to complete the eighth grade, her oldest son became an engineer, the second son, a physician and her daughter, a nurse. She became a matriarch to her family and a motivator to her grandchildren. She instilled faith, hope, and forgiveness through God into her children and grandchildren. This is especially noteworthy because prayer and faith were rapidly becoming unfashionable.


Finally, at 93, Theresa voiced a life-long, unfulfilled wish that she could have seen the Pope and visited the Vatican in her life time. And, that mission became our challenge ! Of course, this took discovery, investigation, participation by all her children, and a bit of faith to make it happen. Let’s face it, traveling across the Atlantic and all through Rome with a 93 year old is a bit like walking out on a limb. Plus, trying to keep it all at a reasonable cost.

Then we discovered Vitor Tours and Marcello ! He and his assistant, Christina, helped us develop an itinerary that was exciting yet restful, complete yet do-able, plus they scheduled a driver and guide to get it all done. Did I mention the restaurants and food, pasta, artichokes, vino, limoncello ?! The driver and guide coordinated between themselves so that the car was readily available when and where we needed it. Have you seen the traffic in Rome ? Or the parking in Amalfi ?

At the Papal Audience in St Peters Square, we were in awe as we watched our guide, Martina literally run to get us a seat in the first row. This put Theresa within arm’s reach of the Pope: her first wish comes true !!

Theresa walked the entire Vatican, marveled at the Sistine Chapel, and touched the worn feet of St Peter at St Peter’s Basilica. She was able to take it all in at her own pace with Martina’s guidance. Second wish completed !

As an added bonus, Theresa stayed in the Santa Brigida Convent while in Rome, which enabled her to worship with the nuns every morning before breakfast. How is three for three on the wishes !

Of course, we shopped the open markets of Camp de Fiori, visited the Trastevere and Jewish districts, the Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps, over looked the Roman Forum and stood on the floor of the Colosseum right where the gladiators fought for their lives, all while listening intently to Martina.

From their we traveled to Sorrento, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast. Although the Blue Grotto was not on the itinerary, our guide made that happen for me.

At the risk of sounding like an ad for Vitor Tours, please excuse me. This is, instead, a heart-felt THANK YOU to Marcello, Christina, Martina and all the staff. The key here is to appreciate that the Vitor Staff made it their priority to understand our mission and to thank them for their attention to detail to make it happen. No stress.

CIAO .....for now, we threw coins into the Trevi, so we’ll be back !! ☺️

Dr Kathleen T
Dr Tom T
Momma Theresa

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Message from the CEO
Dear all,
in these very difficult days for all of us, for Italy and the whole world, we hope that you, your families and your loved ones are well and are making the most of your time.
It feels like the entire world right now is on edge. It seems like the world has paralyzed, our lives have suddenly changed, it’s so difficult to adapt to a new reality, some people we know are leaving us forever.
There is also a lot of fear about what will happen. No one can make predictions.
But there is a beginning and an end to everything.
There are thousands of doctors, researchers and scientists who are working on a solution.
We are reacting with strength, determination and cohesion without forgetting our deep humanity, joy and creativity. Human beings have already overcome difficult times like this, so we must look ahead and keep on living. In this period let’s try to do things we have never done, to rediscover our families, our loved ones and friendships. Let’s use this period to improve ourselves internally, to think about the gift of our lives, to love, to embrace, to smile, to tell each other things that we would never have said.
To our friends who like travelling and exploring….
It's very difficult to be world travelers stuck at home. We must stop and get through this exceptional chapter safely, and we miss travelling. But please, keep on dreaming, with the same positivity, passion, curiosity you had before. On our side, we are here at work with the same passion and professionalism, with the same desire to continue to share emotions, stories, projects with our friends. We are working for a tomorrow made of new services and new ideas, to make your travels even more pleasant, more comfortable and more intense. It is a new challenge, which we never expected to face but, with your help, we will start again, stronger than before and always close to you.
And soon the time will come when once again we will swim together in our beautiful lakes and seas, walk together in our cities, cook together in our kitchens, eat together at our trattorias, sip together a glass of wine at our cellars.
Until then, I want to thank you for your support and understanding. Take care of yourself, we can't wait to give you a warm welcome back to our fantastic country.
Grazie e ciao,

Marcello Cordovani
Founder and CEO