New options for individuals and groups

Private Italy Tour - Modena

VITOR Private Tours of Italy are really once-in-a-lifetime experiences with professional Tour Leaders. But what if you  want to take a VITOR tour by yourself? Starting from January 2017 we offer you the possibility to tour Italy “the VITOR way”. Infact you may book one of our Private Tours of Italy, or ask us to design one purposedly for you, and travel on your own.

We can provide you with a full tour including transportation, accommodation and activities. We will book cars or trains, with pick ups and drop offs at major airports and train stations, and will arrange for the best hotels and restaurants. We will also organise all the activities during your trip, with the same level of service of standard tours. And we will always be in touch with you, following you across the country and assisting you in any need you might have.

Take your private tour in Italy with VITOR and enjoy Italy at its best!

Introducing VITOR Trek Tours

Private Italy Tour - Modena

Starting from April 2017, we offer private tours in some of the most popular and stunning landspaces in the world. We may trek around the highest mountains in Europe, namely the Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn, and on the Dolomites, so beautiful to be named among the UNESCO Natural Heritage Sites. Also, trekking at sea level will be quite spectacular in the 5 Terre National Park, where sheer cliffs meet crystal waters.   

In Central Italy, we are going to walk along the Via Francigena and the Cammino di Francesco (St. Francis’ walk), in areas which have been inspiring saints, pilgrims and heremites for centuries.

Southern Italy’s nature will surprise you with beautiful views on the sea in the Amalfi and Sorrento area as well as untouched wilderness in Basilicata and Sicily.

Stay tuned for more detailed proposals by VITOR!

Join us in Venice for Carnival

Private Italy Tour - Modena

The Carnival of Venice, if not the most impressive, is certainly the best known for its appeal and mystery that continues to hold even now that 900 years have elapsed from the first document that refers to this famous festival.

We have memories of the Carnival festivities since 1094, under the doge Vitale Falier, in a document that speaks of public entertainment in the days preceding Lent. In 1296 the Senate of the Republic declared public holiday on the last day of Lent.

However, the Carnival has much more ancient traditions that refer to ancestral cults of passage from winter to spring, cults present in almost all societies, just think of the Latin Saturnalia or the Dionysian cults in which the motto was "Semel in anno licet insanire" ( "once a year is reasonable not to have brakes").

Join us for a private Carnival tour in Venice and the region of Veneto, one of the most beautiful corners of Italy. A unique experience for a travel back in time.

Rent & Tour: explore your favourite Italy region at your own pace

Private Italy Tour - Modena

Choose a different vacation, out of the ordinary circuits, to discover the real Italian “quality of life”.

Rent & Tour trips feature 1-week accommodation in country house apartments, from where you can take daily excursions in the surrounding area with our Tour Leader.

Choose your area of interest (Tuscany, Northern Lakes, Umbria , Amalfi Coast, etc.) and leave everything else to us. We will organise whatever activity you might want to take within the area, and even beyond: food, wine, art, culture, spas, you name it.   

Moreover, in country accommodations you can understand how local food is made, sometimes by hand, in stunning natural and agricultural sets, and savour the typical cuisine of the area: wine, olive oil, pasta, meat and cheese, you will discover a delightful variety which has no equal around the world.

Discover true Italy with VITOR's "Rent & Tour" private tours, the ultimate solution for holidays in Italy!