Our policy and Quotes

Our aim is to provide the best possible Italian experience, ensuring the utmost satisfaction and a high level of customer loyalty. To insure this, our policy includes the following points:

  • Wide Selection of Tours

    Italy is so popular among travellers and offers such a wide range of attractions and destinations, and when it comes to selecting the perfect tour for their group everyone has different needs and must-see places. In response to those needs, we offer a wide range of tours to satisfy all travellers’ wishes. So whether you're looking for a short break or a Grand Tour, at VITOR you will find the perfect trip for you.

  • Customization

    Such a variety and abundance of locations and attractions mean that we cannot possibly cover all the destinations a traveller may be interested to visit. But this doesn’t mean you cannot insert them in your dream tour. Just ask for any location and / or additional activity, or even design your own tour down to every detail with our Configurator (see http://www.vitor.it/configurator.html ). Our qualified staff will create the perfect bespoke Italian holiday for you.

  • Tour Leaders and Tourist Guides

    In every VITOR Tour you will be assisted 24 hours a day by a Professional Tour Leader. Our Tour Leaders have been specifically trained to be at your service for letting you enjoy fully your Italian experience “on the road”. Also, private guided tours of the most popular destinations, led by Licensed Tourist Guides, can be included in every tour, and excursions with Tourist Guides to any location of the itinerary or in the area can be organized. All VITOR Tour Leaders and Tourist Guides have passed a Government Examination and are officially licensed to lead tours and excursions. Please note that, according to the Italian Legislation, only Licensed Tourist Guides can lead groups inside artistic, historic and archeological sites.

  • Back Office Support

    VITOR Groups enjoy 24 hour Back Office support and real time follow-up of the tour. Our Head Office can manage all variations and advance problems, in order to anticipate any possible inconvenience and allow travellers to concentrate on their vacation.

  • Personal inspection of all locations

    All accommodations proposed by us have been selected directly by our staff, with several years of experience in the travel business, to guarantee the quality and standards you expect, even in the smallest detail. Our selection always reflects best the spirit of our company, that is to have our tour mates live and travel with and as “Italians”.

  • Start and End of Tours

    All VITOR Tours, featuring a Tour Leader, start at 8.30 am of Day 1 (breakfast not included) and end at 10.00 pm of the last day. Pick up and drop offs at railway stations and airports can be organised, as well as additional days before the start or after the end of the tour itself.

  • Everything included

    We take care of every moment of your vacation, and we want you to enjoy it without worrying about which services are included in the price you have already paid and which are not. That’s why our standard tours are “all included”. Breakfast and 1 full 3-course meals on each day, accommodations, access to all locations mentioned, all tips and gratuities are prepaid, so you do not need to worry about money (and changes). No extra money will be needed, apart from light lunches in typical spots along the way which can vary from tour to tour, according to the indications of the Tour Leader but also of travellers. However, in case of a custom tour, according to your indications the trip may not include some of the costs featured in standard tours.   

  • Secure Payments

    We care about your money, and we want you to be tranquil upon paying and travelling. Thus our payment procedures are extremely rigid; furthermore, we strongly favour credit card payment as the most secure mean of payment. For full details about payments, please see http://www.vitor.it/shop-safely-and-securely.html