Where we stay

italy vacation location


Travel Operators organising large coach tours book hundreds of rooms in big, international style hotels in city centres, where travellers can find high-class but standardised service. But we are different!

Our accommodations, whether a rustic rural estate or city centre hotel, are carefully selected to always reflect the character and charm of the area we are visiting. Some properties are situated in a stunning setting or have interesting historical and architectural heritage; others may be chosen for their excellent food or their central location, ambience, service and value.

You may also enjoy a true Italian experience in small, intimate properties full of local character: charming "boutique" hotels and luxury "agriturismi" (country houses), each of them different and yet typical. 

All Accommodations proposed by us have been selected carefully by our staff, to guarantee the quality and standards you expect, even in the smallest detail. Our selection always reflects best the spirit of our company, that is to have our tour mates live and travel as "Italians"


If you are looking for an extraordinary experience, why not ask for accommodation in historical palaces? You will taste the best Italian hospitality in buildings of striking architectural and scenic beauty. Each house offers a unique experience and the warmest welcome, hosting those in search of the traces of history and art that past centuries have left imprinted on these places. Castles, patrician palaces, villas around Italy will strike you with their beauty and the level of service, welcoming you in an old-style, familiar atmosphere.