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Italy Tour Group

We have designed our small group tours to let you enjoy the best of Italy.

With us you can discover Italy travelling as Italians do, “on the road”. We will take you to major cities and attractions, including Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice, but also to the smallest towns (Pisa, Lucca, Orvieto, Spoleto, Padua, to name a few) and even to tiny villages full of stories and character, where you just would not go on a traditional coach tour.

Whereas 5-day tours are circular, 8-day and Grand Tours will take you from town to town along the peninsula at a relaxed pace, discovering Italy’s art, culture, food on the way along scenic routes.  

To allow maximum flexibility as well as a thorough life experience, we travel in small groups with plenty of free time to ensure that you can fully appreciate the things you are seeing and doing.

Our tours include several unique experiences and attractions, concerning art, food, culture (visits to factories, thermal baths, trekking, battle tours, etc.) that we have selected purposedly to make your itineraries unique. These attractions, usually skipped by the big tours but also by the solo traveller, will give you the chance to deepen your knowledge of the country as well as of its people and way of life.

Moreover, we may visit major art and history attractions, and more, with Authorised Tourist Guides, to give you always an in-depth knowledge of the places you are in.

And what about Italian food and cuisine? Our small group approach means that we will dine in the most typical restaurants and trattorias, which are not viable for most tours. That’s where most Italians eat, that’s where you can taste the true Italian cuisine at its best, the regional specialties, the local wine. Once again, we will do as Italians do, the best way to taste the special feeling of Italy.

You will also see how famous Italian food products are made, from well known food and wine products, such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Chianti, Aceto Balsamico di Modena, to small producer’s gourmet specialities, to be tasted at local producers’s sites as well as in local shops.

Join us in our fantastic journeys, make your Italian tour a special experience to remember for a lifetime, with VITOR!

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